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It's been a while..

We have been very busy over the last few months with the shop and in 'The Tavern' as we now fondly refer to it as. We have now got the main bar fully installed, complete with fridges and back bar storage. All we need is some stock to fill it with!

The other rooms are coming along nicely. There is a bit more prep work to be done, and then we can think about decorating and getting the new lights installed.

The room at the back of the building is getting a makeover too, we have moved the bar forward from its original position, and we are 'cooking up' a plan for the space ready for when we open.

We are still getting such positive feedback from customers who come into the shop, and cannot thank everyone enough for their interest and support.

A common question is 'when are we planning to open'. The plan is still the Spring of next year, as we said from the outset. As there is still so much to do, it is impossible to set an exact date just yet. By the beginning of next year, we should then be in a position to let you know a firm date for opening.

Thank you once again for your support.

Team FT

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